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SUCCESS. We found records for IMO 7034440. This Ship IMO Number has been given the current ship name EVER QUEEN OF ASIA. It carries the flag of PHILIPPINES

In fact, EVER QUEEN OF ASIA is marked as having a vessel type of "RO-RO/PASSENGER SHIP" and its trade indicator is unknown to us.

The hull of boat 7034440 (EVER QUEEN OF ASIA) is made of metal/steel and was manufactured by SHIMODA DOCKYARD - SHIMODA, JAPAN in 1970. The length of this boat is while the vessel has a gross tonnage of 498 tons and a dead weight of 102 tons. It will be a good idea to check the latest vessel information by ordering a Boat History Report.

IMO Number 7034440 had previous boat names (SHIRAITO until 1998 Dec). The watercraft or boat has a radio 'call-sign' of DUJ2138. On the other hand EVER QUEEN OF ASIA is currently owned by EVER SHIPPING LINES - ZAMBOANGA, PHILIPPINES and the previous owners are unknown to us. The MMSI is . To find the location of the boat right now you can visit and

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